Cardio Dance Club

Course Information

We are excited to offer this FUN fitness class again starting in October. 

Cardio Dance Club is an hour-long, follow-along, dance fitness class. It is open to all skill and fitness levels, and is appropriate for teenagers through to seniors. If you have mobility issues or old injuries you need to be conscious of, modifications can be provided.

So get your groove on and follow along as our instructor, Jen deHaan, guides you through a series of choreographed dance moves. Each class will feature a mix of modern radio hits and old-school classics. Everything from Top 40, to Latin beats, to K-Pop, to hip hop, to R&B.

Jen's enthusiasm will encourage you to get your heart rate up and your feet moving. 

Things to Bring

Come to class ready to sweat in comfortable clothing and good footwear. Running shoes are recommended. Please bring a water bottle.


Check back in for Fall classes in September.