About the Sole Sisters

Strap on your walking shoes and join the Sole Sisters walking group. This program is offered most Wednesdays (Not during the Christmas break or July and August) at various locations around the Oceanside area and is intended for women 50+, but all ages are welcome.

This is not a power walking group, but the group does walk at a moderate pace. There is a leader at the front and a leader at the back. No one is left on their own.


Program Details

Time: Wednesdays, September to June  

Meet at 9:45am. The walk is from 10:00-11:30am, depending on the trail. 

Most walks are about 70 minutes long, but can vary, being as long as 90 minutes. 

Cost: $10.00 yearly Sole Sister donation/ Toonie for guest walkers  

You will be asked to sign a waiver at the first walk you attend. 

For more information contact Kim Longmuir at kimlongmuir@telus.net or Kristine Stephenson at stephenson@live.ca  


Please be sure to check here on Wednesday mornings for a cancellation, or a change in location, if the weather seems uncertain.

Find recipes submitted by the Sole Sisters on our Recipe page.

Important Information


Thank you for reading the information below!

1. We would like each person to keep their name and emergency contact in a pocket and if possible wear a name tag. This can be as simple as a piece of masking tape with your name on it. With so many new people, this will help the leaders identify you if you are injured or unwell.

2. Fast walkers MUST stay in contact with the front leader. If you happen to get ahead, stop and wait, or turn back to the leader. the leader should ALWAYS be at the front of the group. If you are not willing to do this, we will not be able to count you in as part of the walk, due to safety issues.

3. It is important that you do not leave from a walk until you have checked in with the leader, so no one is left behind.


October 23, 2019/ Craig Bay Trail

Welcome to Another Great Year of Walking!

  • *** Please note that to join the Sole Sisters' program this year, there will be a one time yearly donation of $10.00, collected at the first walk you attend. (Guest walkers will be asked to donate a toonie.)This money will help ACRA to continue to offer affordable programs for youth. Thank you for your support!


· Description: Please join us for the Craig Bay Trail walk. This walk will take you down along the ocean  past the homes in Craig Bay, winds through some old growth forest and comes back along the ocean and up the hill home. Please be prepared for a few muddy sections and possibly some slippery rocks depending on the tide. The one hill back is long, but nothing for you hardy Sole Sisters! Please plan on 60-70 minutes and coffee afterwards at Serious Coffee.

· Directions: Please park in the gravel parking lot at the end of the Serious Coffee shopping area. You can't access that lot from the highway. You have to turn in as if you are going into the mall. There is another small parking lot at the end of North West Bay Road. If you park there, just zip through the path and meet the group in the gravel lot. 

Other Important Items to Bring to Your Attention!

  1. *** Sole Sisters Shirts   We have started an interest list for our famous purple shirts. Please speak to Kristine or Kim at a walk if you would like to order a shirt. We will need to know your size, whether you want technical or cotton fabric, long or short sleeved, round neck or v-neck. The cost is $15.00 for short sleeved and $17.00-18.00 for long sleeved. Once we have 12 shirt orders we will place an order.
  2. Jen's Cardio Dance Fitness classes have been very popular this session, particularly her Gentle Groove class on Monday mornings. You can always try a drop-in class. Check our programs page for all of the information and contact Kim Longmuir at kimlongmuir@telus.net or Kristine Stephenson at stephenson@live.ca to register or for more information.
  3. Just a note to let you know that KickStart Fitness has moved to the Heritage Centre, near Serious Coffee. Pam is offering some great new programs. No word yet on Gentle Soles Fitness. Pam has been very busy getting the new gym set up.




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